One Simple Tip to Increase Your Facebook Reach

As someone who works in community management, I've helped a wide array of businesses with their social media, growing their engagement, online following and reach along the way. But one ongoing problem for businesses on Facebook is the limiting of reach for Pages. What that basically means is that if you're a business owner with a Facebook Page, your posts won't be reaching even nearly all of your fans thanks to their complicated algorithms.. Whilst that can make marketing on Facebook a real challenge, I'm always looking for ways to get around it and here's one great solution that I've already had some success with.

The pie chart above shows the types of posts I was putting out for one of my clients over a two-week period. As you can see, it's quite heavily weighted towards photos, with very few text-only updates and no Notes at all. Although we don't know exactly what goes into Facebook's algorithm which decides what posts go at the top of your News Feed, I reckoned one possible factor might've been the types of posts your Page puts out.

With that in mind, over the next two weeks I decided to start posting all sorts of different content to try and get around Facebook's algorithm and make sure more of our fans were seeing our posts. Which is pretty much the main reason any business would be on Facebook, so it's quite important stuff if you wanna be a success on there.

The graph here shows my Page's reach before and after this change in style, with the midpoint shown by the black line. Clearly it had a huge effect on the reach. Whilst before it jumped up and down quite wildly, with some posts being seen by less than 2% of our fans, after I started mixing up the post types you can see the reach never dipped below 2,500, which is closer to 6% of our following. That's an increase of 300%!

Overall, the average reach of each post throughout the first period was 3,340, or 7.4% of our fans. However, in the second period that number jumped to 4,914 or 10.9% of our fans. With a percentage increase of 47%, it's clear that this little trick made a huge difference in a short space of time. 

Still not convinced? To give you a better idea, in the first period we reached a total of 46,396 people. Not bad, right? Well, after I employed this little trick, the next 14 days saw a total of 68,796 people see this company's Facebook posts. It's often said that the success of social media marketing is hard to measure, but to me that's the kinda difference which can make a tangible, noticeable improvement on your sales over time.

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