Case Study: Superior Vapour

The Brief

Working together with the marketing agency Superb Digital, in August 2016 I took over control of the Superior Vapour social media channels. Superior Vapour is a Bristol-based shop selling quality vaping supplies, with an online and offline presence.

The aim was to grow their online following, reach more potential customers on social media and increase traffic referrals to the Superior Vapour website from social channels. We aimed to achieve these goals without any additional spend on social media advertising.

Growing our Online Following

Having inherited a Twitter account with 170 followers in August, by the end of January I had been able to increase this to almost 2,000 engaged followers. In the same time frame, our number of Facebook likes grew from 142 to 380, ensuring across both channels I had managed to build up an active, interested and growing following who were sharing our content and clicking through to the website. 

How do we know that these new followers were relevant to the company? Well, as the below figure indicates, a quick analysis of our followers' bios shows that the vast majority included key phrases such as 'vape', 'vaping' and 'vaper'. They fall exactly into the type of customer we were trying to attract and, as the subsequent sections will show, I was able to convert this online following into a higher reach and more traffic referrals.

owlead sv.png

Reaching More Potential Customers on Social Media

In August 2016 our posts reached a total of 8,755 people across Facebook and Twitter. After my work growing the following, creating engaging content and establishing a regular posting schedule, this figure grew to over 38,000 by the end of the year. This 334% increase meant that within just a few months we were reaching a far bigger number of people than before, but importantly these people were actually interested in what we were posting.

Increasing Traffic Referrals to the Superior Vapour Website

Whilst it may well be impressive to have a larger number of followers and be reaching more people, clearly for a business this doesn't count for much unless it actually results in more traffic to your website - and subsequently more sales. However, as the below graph shows, I was able to double the amount of traffic referrals from social media to Superior Vapour within 4 months, and have since increased the figure every month for 6 months straight.

I'm not going to claim that I managed to achieve this because I'm some sort of marketing genius and/or have a wad of cash to throw on advertising - in essence, I feel social media marketing is quite simple (even if people sometimes like to over-complicate it). I simply established a regular posting schedule and set about creating content that I thought our followers would share with their mates; just like the examples below. And it seemed to have some decent success.


Within a short space of time, and without any investment in advertising, I was able to rapidly grow the online following, reach and social traffic referrals of Superior Vapour..

What's the point of all this? Well...I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I could achieve similar things for your company. Whether you're a business that needs community management services, an agency that needs to outsource some of their digital marketing workload or just need some help and advice on getting the most out of social media, then I can help you out with your social media needs. Drop me an email on or get in touch via


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