Just Because Something is Trending, Doesn't Mean You Have to Get Involved

World Cup 2018 is finally over, and I'm going to go along with the consensus that this could well have been the best World Cup ever. So as I go into mild withdrawal symptoms over the next few weeks whilst there is no more world class football every single day, I'm going to try and take the positives.

At least now we're not going to have Dave's Dry Cleaners in Crawley jumping on the #WC18 hashtag, tweeting about how his special offer, just like Kylian Mbappe, will clean up this World Cup. At least we won't be subjected to Steve's Accountancy Services in Cheltenham tweeting how he'll save you more money than England have scored set-pieces. Or maybe Surefire Security telling us all how they will prevent as many potential threats as Thibaut Courtois.

I could go on. The point is, aside from being a grumpy get, companies and brands really do not need to try and jump on every social media trend just because loads of people are tweeting about it. It often looks forced and will have no discernible benefit for you - in fact, forcing in some terrible pun about Paul Pogba to sell your B2B marketing firm is only going to make you look a little silly.

But if you do want to join in the conversation on some trending topics, there's nothing wrong with that. For a shop selling vintage football shirts, it obviously makes a lot of sense to try and tap into the millions of people incessantly tweeting about football for a whole month. Just be sure to pick your moments and try to avoid some of the cringeworthy stuff I've seen posted in the last month. 

Anyway, what a World Cup, eh?