The Best Free Social Media Tools (That Will Save You Time)

Whether you’re a small business owner without the time to devote to your social media or a social media manager looking for a way to save time on your weekly workload, sometimes it can just be a case of finding the right online tool for you. Some of them can improve your productivity, save you time and instantly improve your social media marketing efforts, so let’s take a look of some of my favourites.


Instagram can be a tough nut to crack for businesses. Although it can boast of over 1 billion monthly active users, a figure only bettered by Facebook & YouTube, the lack of an ability to post a link directly within a post can make it a little tricky to turn all of your followers into website visitors. There are plenty of workarounds for this, many of which cost money, but the simplest and most effective that I’ve found is Linktree.

Even when you persuade people to actually visit the #linkinbio, you’re then only limited to one link in your profile at any one time. That’s not ideal for businesses who are posting blogs, for instance, when the content can be changing every week and it can become a job in itself changing the link in your profile. However, signing up for a Linktree account means you can leave one link in your profile which then leads to a simple landing page.

Once users click on your Linktree they’re able to navigate to their desired link. You can customise the order of the links, the colour, see how many times each link has been clicked and can add unlimited links to the page. It’s pretty impressive for a free plan, and now instead of editing your Instagram profile link every day you can simply update your tree at the start of the week with the links you’re going to post. It’s a nice social media tool for an age old problem.

Repost for Instagram

If you don’t have time to create original new posts for Instagram on a regular basis, using one of the various repost apps is a way around that. You can share somebody else’s photo in a few clicks, directly from your mobile and whilst attributing the original sharer in both the photo and the text.

Because there are so many variations of the same app it’s hard to identify just one, but the app I use is called ‘Repost for Instagram’ on the Play Store. I imagine the process is the same for most of them: log in to Instagram on your mobile, find the post you want to share, push the three dots in the top right of the post, hit ‘Copy Link’ and then open up the Repost app. Once you’re there, the post should automatically appear. Follow the instructions and it will add a little frame to the image that identifies the original poster, then it the button to go back to Instagram where everything is ready to post - the only thing you really need to do is add your own comment above the original copy.

It looks good, it’s easy to do and it saves you the time creating your own content by sharing other people’s with the correct attribution. Perfect!


A Google search for ‘GIF’ produces a measly 4,870,000,000 results, so it’s fair to say that they’re quite popular - and you need to get on board with what is the greatest technological innovation since Snake 2. Although I’m able to make video animations or GIFs as part of my work as a community manager, I have two main problems: 1) My video making skills are quite limited and 2) My time is quite limited. So whenever I need to make a simple GIF or video, I tend to head to a website called It’s so easy to use and you can create an eye-catching GIF or video from a collection of images in a couple of minutes. One feature I particularly like is the way you can change the time loop between each image in the GIF, meaning it accelerates through certain parts and then slows down when, for instance, there’s some text to take in. After you’re done you can then easily convert it to an MP4 for sharing on Instagram or other social platforms.

Game Recorder

This one is a little bit different in that it’s actually a little-known feature on Windows computers rather than a social media tool. By pressing the Windows key + R, you’ll bring the Game Bar interface, which is actually aimed at people who want to record their Xbox screen but you can just as easily use it to record your screen. It’s easy to set up and works perfectly whenever you need to create a little tutorial video, show people how to navigate your new website or simply just explain things a little more clearly than on an email. The video you see above was created using the tool. PRO TIP: set your browser to full screen before recording to hide the address bar and bookmarks that are often present at the top of the page.

Online Converter

This website is called, but although I’m sure it’s brilliant for converting files it’s not actually what I use it for. When you visit the site you’ll be confronted with a whole host of different conversion options, but you need to the drop-down ‘Tools’ list underneath ‘Video Converter’. You can compress, merge, resize, add audio, rotate or even add a watermark to a video file at the click of a button. Perfect for when you’re short of time and need to quickly edit a video.

All of these social media tools are great ways to save time on your social media marketing whilst still producing nice-looking content for your channels every day. You don’t necessarily have to spend huge amounts of time and money to get your profiles looking sleek, professional and presentable. To learn more about how I can help your business with your social media, get in touch here!