How to Promote Your Music on Facebook

Nowadays Facebook Pages have a number of cool features that can be used by musicians to promote themselves better than ever before. Although it can be difficult to market yourself on Facebook given the gradual decline of organic reach over the years, by getting to know some of these ways to perfect your Facebook page you can be sure that you’re giving your music the best chance possible of wider exposure.

The Basics

There are a bunch of things you can do in a matter of minutes that will make your page look a lot more professional, which you may have already done, but let’s double-check anyway! Firstly, there should be links to your music in your ‘About’ section as well as the button below your cover page. The most relevant button to musicians is ‘Watch Video’, so it would be wise to link to your latest video on YouTube or similar.

You should also make sure the ‘Story’ of your band is all filled out, complete with an enticing image to go with it. It’s a prominent part of your page that everyone will see, so it’s worth doing properly. You can edit it by going to the ‘About’ section of your page and writing a brief story of you or your band from there.


Next, you should make sure you have at the least a grey ‘verified’ tick next to your name. The blue tick may be reserved for the pages on Facebook with a large number of likes, but anyone can apply to have the standard grey one there. Hit ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Page Verification’ then ‘Verify Page’. You’ll need a profile picture, cover photo, some social media posts and a valid phone number to verify your page.

Finally, it’s a good idea to feature a tab on your page with links to all of your other social media pages - it keeps everything nicely linked together. I’ve often used a website called Woobox for this, which lets you easily add individual tabs for each of your social media pages with walkthroughs for each one. Check it out and follow the instructions on the website to get going!

Show Off Your Music

Continuing the spirit of making sure your online presence is all linked together nicely, it’s as easy as pie to showcase your music on your Facebook page via iTunes and Spotify: the two main players.

In terms of iTunes, a little program called smartTab will let you create a localised digital store to add to your Facebook page. Hit the link above and follow the instructions to get it set up. This feature is particularly great because you have a fair amount of control over how the tab will look, including the ability to upload your own header image as well as your choice of colour scheme and album to display. As a bonus, you can also integrate this tab within smartURL, which is another tool you need to be using if you’re a musician.

smartURLs automatically creates localised links for Amazon, Apple Music and iTunes, rather than linking all of your fans to a specific store (e.g. US/UK etc.) They’re also a great way of keeping all of the links to your albums, playlists, social media channels and website in one place, saving you time and giving you a little bit more knowledge about how often and where people are clicking from.

Sell Your Physical Stock

You can use yet another Facebook page tab to sell your merch, CDs and vinyls. From the ‘Settings’ tab of your Facebook page, head to ‘Edit Page’ (it’s on the left-hand column if you’re on desktop). From there, scroll down and press the button to add a new tab, selecting ‘Shop’.* Now you should see a new Shop section in your list of page tabs (left column again).

Click on it, and from there you’ll be able to add products from anywhere else on the web where you sell your merch or music. On your new Facebook shop you can add images, a description and the price of the product, but users will still check-out through your normal channel. This is a great way of expanding the reach of your merchandise shop, particularly if you already have a lot of visitors to your Facebook page.

*PRO TIP: As soon as you’ve added the tab to your page, stay where you are and you’ll see three horizontal lines next to each option. You can drag and drop these to change the order in which your tabs appear when people visit your Facebook page, so choose wisely. If you’re particularly keen to showcase your merch, stick the Shop tab at the top of the list so that it’s the first thing people see. You could also go and edit the button located below your cover photo so that it links to the place where you sell your merch, in case you wanted to give it even more exposure.

Promote Your Tour

Ever heard of Songkick? You probably should have, whether you’re an artist or just a music fan. It’s great as a fan, because it automatically scans your iTunes/Spotify library and notifies you when the artists that you listen to are going on tour. But it’s even greater as an artist, because it acts as a one-stop shop for publishing your upcoming concerts, automatically distributing them on pretty much every online platform out there. And that includes Facebook.

If you’re not already registered, head to Songkick Tourbox to create an account. After you’ve logged in, click ‘Partner Network’ located on the left-side menu and then select ‘Facebook’. Add the tab to your page and follow the instructions on the Songkick website to complete the process (I won’t repeat them here). Now, when you add new live dates, they will automatically appear on your new ‘Concerts’ tab. Even better, those new events can automatically be converted into Facebook events when they’re published, giving them even greater reach.


One last thing - on those newly-created Facebook events, always be sure to invite venues, promoters, record labels and any other relevant parties to be co-hosts; firstly to ensure multiple events for the same gig aren’t created but also so that they can be shared across several additional social media channels. You can do that from the Facebook event page.

Autorespond to Messages

If your page receives a lot of messages then it might be worth setting up an auto-reply function, whereby anybody who gets in touch with you at least receives a response. Whilst that’s nice in itself, it’s also a good chance to promote your upcoming tour, new single or recent album. To do this, hit ‘Settings’ at the top of your page and then ‘Messaging’ on the left. Jump to the ‘Response Assistant’ section to set up an auto-reply for your page, making sure to include some of the personalisation options that you’ll see. Try something like this…

Hello [first name]! Unfortunately we’re not able to respond to all of the messages that we receive, but in the meantime why not check out our new Spotify playlist? [link]

You’re limited to 250 characters so it’s important to be concise with what you’re saying. Don’t be too ‘pushy’ with your messaging either, as the thing you’re linking to isn’t really the point of what you’re doing here.

And that's it! Follow these steps and you'll be well on your way to getting the most out of Facebook page. If you need the services of a community manager in Barcelona, be sure to get in touch today to see how I can help - wherever you are in the world.