How to Keep Up With Social Media News

The world of social media is a rapidly-changing one, and keeping up with the latest developments is half the battle as a social media manager. With new features popping up on every platform every few days, it can be dizzying to stay on top of them all and ensure that you’re not missing out on any important new ones - but that’s where I come in. Here’s a handy little list of sources you can use to stay educated; whether you want to visit them from time to time or get a daily newsletter.

Social Pro Daily

Part of the AdWeek network, Social Pro Daily is solely dedicated to the latest happenings in social media - and in my experience it’s probably the most comprehensive source. Every tiny little change across all of the social channels is sure to get a mention in their daily news stories, which you can keep track of by either browsing through their website or subscribing to their daily newsletter (recommended). I often don’t even have to leave my emails to get a good idea of what’s been going on in social media over the last few days, so this is sure to save you time whilst also keeping you in the loop.

The Drum

Whilst Social Pro Daily is better for bite-sized news and quick updates on new features, I find that The Drum’s social media section is perfect if you want more in-depth pieces and analysis. Just recently there was an interesting piece on ‘The Scary Political Power of Facebook Advertising’, which might not necessarily make you a better social media manager but certainly gives you an idea of the power of Facebook advertising. And using an example like this to communicate how effective Facebook Ads can be will only help your cause when pitching to new clients. Check out their social media news right here.

Facebook for Business

Although the first two sources above should give you a fairly comprehensive mix of social media news and insight, I would also definitely recommend subscribing to updates from the likes of Facebook for Business and Twitter Business Outlook for a more detailed look at each platform’s latest new features. They tend to give plenty of warning before rolling out new features, so by digesting them as quickly as possible you can start preparing for how you might use them in your social media marketing plan.


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