How Artists Can Save Time on Their Spotify Marketing

If you’ve read my guide to Spotify promotion, as well as my separate guides to Analytics and Playlisting, you’ll have figured that it’s a very time-consuming process to get your music out there and into the right places. And although there’s no silver bullet to getting your music on the huge Spotify playlists, when you’re starting out there are plenty of tricks you can employ to save time whilst still giving your music as much visibility as possible. Here are a few ideas.

IFTT is your Friend

Justice might say that they’re your friends, but IFTT is your true friend. If there’s one thing you take away from this blog, it’s to head straight over to their website and dig into its various time-saving integrations. Here are the most useful…

Add songs from videos you like to a Spotify playlist + Automatically sync your Soundcloud likes to your Spotify + Add songs played by Alexa to a Spotify playlist

I recently wrote a comprehensive guide on how to promote your music on Spotify - and in that blog (as well as my separate Spotify Playlisting Guide) I made it clear making and sharing playlists with your fans is the first step towards making it onto Spotify’s algorithmic and editorial playlists. These playlists could be things such as what you’re listening to at the moment, the influences behind your latest album, your full discography, your B-Sides, non-album tracks and collaborations with other artists, a weekly pick of the best new music…the possibilities are endless. Just try to be creative with your choices, share them widely with your fans and update them regularly. If that sounds like a lot of time, you’re right. But the three links above will save you hours every month whilst still being able to populate a regular Spotify playlist.

By integrating them with Spotify, you can 1) automatically add your liked YouTube videos to a Spotify playlist, 2) automatically sync your Soundcloud likes to a playlist and 3) add songs played by Alexa to another playlist. This way you can add tunes from all of the platforms you listen to around the web to Spotify playlists. All you’ll then need to do is drag these songs from the IFTT-created playlists to the one you’re going to share with your fans - in this instance, it will probably be a collection of what you’re listening to at the moment. Just don’t forget to add a couple of your own tracks in there!

Automatically create monthly playlists for saved tracks

You can even streamline the process of creating a playlist within Spotify. Whenever you hear a tune on Spotify that you want to add to one of your regular playlists, simply save it and it will be added to a monthly playlist. Populate it with further music from your Soundcloud, YouTube and Alexa playlists and you’ve got a ready-made playlist without lifting a finger. Not bad, eh?

Spotify + Social Media Sharing

The streaming giant and the social media giant are nowadays very closely intertwined. Only this week it has become possible to share your music from Spotify to your Facebook Story in one click, which comes not long after a similar integration between Spotify & Instagram. Check out the two links for more information on how to easily share your music to your Story. It’s also really easy to share music from Spotify straight to Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Tumblr or Twitter. When you’re on the album page, use the drop-down menu to choose ‘Share’ and then your social network of choice. Bear in mind that you should do this separately for each social media channel rather than just sharing the Spotify page URL - by doing it this way the music will be optimised to listen to in Messenger, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Share Spotify Social Media

Add your gigs to Songkick or Bandsintown

There’s a good chance you’ll already be using one of these services, but just in case you’re not you could be saving hours if you start now. Every time you add new tour dates to one of these websites, they will be automatically added to your Spotify profile too. Here’s the link to sign up to Songkick’s Tourbox, where you’ll then be able to start adding your concerts and integrating them with Spotify.