In addition to my work in social media marketing I am also a freelance blogger. My first job after university was as a writer at a career advice magazine and I have many years of experience in both a professional capacity and personal capacit. I used to write my own football blog, music blog and contributed articles to websites such as Drunken Werewolf, Don't Panic and, *ahem*, The Guardian. Although my blogging interests outside of work reside mainly in football and music, I've written blogs on everything from youth unemployment rates to marketing automation, meaning I am comfortable familiarising myself with a wide range of topics.

I’m also up to speed with the best SEO practices, meaning I can conduct keyword research for your business and write optimised blogs that will benefit your website’s search ranking. Feel free to drop me a message to discuss. 


I see copywriting and social media as two things that go hand-in-hand - after all, isn't a well-written tweet just short-form copywriting? And since I send out 100s of messages a week across several social media accounts, it's an area I feel I'm heavily involved in. But that's not to say I don't have any experience in copywriting in the traditional sense. I've written promotional emails for Funky Pigeon, newsletters for Bristol City Council and brand new menus for The University of Sheffield in my time. So whether you need somebody to inject a bit of life into your website, entice people to open your marketing emails or just marvel at my ability to cram as many puns as humanely possible into my work, I'm your man.

Here’s an example of my copywriting. Like what you see? Then drop me a message.

Freelance Blogger