Social media training

I now offer 1-on-1 social media training over Skype or in person. You can find details of the first mini-course that I'm offering below.

how to WIN NEW work through linkedin

I have secured a steady amount of new clients through LinkedIn over the last few years, and feel like I have a few things to share that could net you a new job or a new client. In this brief guide, I'll take a look through your profile and tell you:

  • How to optimise your LinkedIn profile to win work

  • How to get the most out of LinkedIn Premium

  • How to use the platform to get more exposure for your blog, website or portfolio

  • Tips and tricks for finding prospective employers on LinkedIn and then contacting them

After you get in touch with me, I'll go through your profile and jot down the areas you could improve upon. Then I'll talk you through everything and send over a written report of everything we discuss. And of course, if you have any questions throughout the call or afterwards then I'm happy to answer anything.

If you're interested then click here to get in touch, or alternatively head here for my 10 general tips on how to ready your LinkedIn profile for prospective employers and clients.